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25th February - 1st March

PreGA in Tartu

 Come and join the cozy environment of our university city during the end of February.


About Tartu

Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia, located 185 km south of the capital, Tallinn. It's an old Hansa-town and a University city. Tartu is the centre of science, economy and culture in South Estonia. The Emajõgi river (translates into Mother river) flows through the city and adds colour to it! In the summer you can also swim in the river and the riverbank is a popular hangout spot.

First mentioned in 1030, Tartu is a town of young people. More than 20 000 of its 100 000 inhabitants are university students and over 20 000 study at secondary or vocational schools. Its universities and research institutions, theatres, museums, clubs, and of course its academic students make up the spirit of Tartu. It is a town made for studying, research and living the good life.

The University of Tartu was founded in 1632 and since then it has been the only place in Estonia where one can study medicine. The top 1.2% university in the world


Social Program

Ice Skating

Since the weather in Estonia isn’t the most welcoming during the months of February and March, indoor activities are at the top of the list but for one small exception. We invite you to join us for a round of ice skating at our Town Hall Square. Don’t worry about the skates or your skating skills: for a small price you can rent a pair of skates and off you go!

Pub Crawl

Be prepared to take part in Pub Crawl which will take you on an adventure around the old town and introduce you the night life of the student town. And don’t think we are making it easy for you: different tasks and quests will await you! In addition to pub crawl, be ready for a bigger party!


Details will be revealed upon your arrival!


How to get to Tartu?

hotel tartu.jpg

Hotel Tartu

The accommodation during your four day stay in Tartu

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